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Police Dogs' Journal
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Tuesday, January 1st, 2008
8:41 am
RIP Stryker....
An Oceanside, CA german shepherd police dog officer died in the line of duty last night when a man who had been driving erratically was stopped by the police. Stryker took the suspect down on the San Diego-Coronado bridge but the man grabbed him and leapt over the side of the bridge falling 200 feet into frigid ocean water. The suspect survived and was taken to a hospital. Stryker perished and his body was recovered from the water.

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Sunday, September 30th, 2007
1:10 pm
K9 cops are highly trained and highly trusted....

Their training is rigorous and exact. The Police pay upwards of several thousand dollars even for an untrained dog if he or she shows the correct temperament. Often K9 officers are donated by monetary donations from the communities they are part of. Retired K9 officers usually live with the families of the human officers they have served with until the end of their days. Even in retirement their health is maintained and they are given every respect by their human officer counterparts.

These dogs rely on their trainer/partner for praise and guidance. The partner relies on the dog for obedience and loyalty. Sometimes K9 officers are injured severely in the course of their duties.

K9 officers are trained in restraint, drug/explosive detection, location of missing people, death detection and other skills. They are an integral part of the police departments in any city world wide.
1:02 pm
As a first post I feel it only right....
to post a link to an officer and his dog killed in the line of duty....


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